a nip and tuck

a nip and (a) tuck

1. a medical operation to improve the appearance of your face I don't think you could look like that at her age without a little nip and tuck.
2. (American) small changes or reductions made in order to improve something A nip and a tuck in their household budget would give them the extra money they need.
See also: and, nip, tuck
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The Cayenne is getting a nip and tuck after four years on the market.
A nip and tuck is the order of the day for Skoda's 2005 Fabia model range.
There she took on Wrexham's rising star Jo Nicholson, and after a nip and tuck opening nine holes, the Creigiau golfer, who is enjoying a splendid season, spurted to the front and stayed there.
ROBERT Redford is right to pour scorn on vain film stars who rush off to the plastic surgeon for a nip and tuck.
A nip and tuck encounter saw Barwell take the lead after 35 minutes as Keith Morris scrambled home in a goalmouth melee.
THIS was a nip and tuck game from the kick-off with both teams playing very tight at the back resulting in few chances around goal.