a nest egg

nest egg

An allotment of money that is set aside for the future. With the cost of living these days, it is difficult for young couples to build a nest egg and save for retirement.
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a nest egg

COMMON A nest egg is a sum of money that you are saving for a particular purpose. All he wanted was a few months decent money to help him retire. He thought this was his last chance to build a nest egg. She left, and with her nest egg of $5,000, started the company.
See also: egg, nest

a ˈnest egg

(informal) a sum of money saved for the future: She has a nice little nest egg which she intends to use for travelling round the world one day.A nest egg was an egg left in a nest to encourage a chicken to continue to produce more eggs.
See also: egg, nest
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Edwards Nest Egg Score, conditions for building a nest egg continue to improve - but Americans are not taking advantage of these opportunities.
People need to recognize that a nest egg is much more than just saving for a rainy day," says Beckmann.
adults (64 percent) report that they or someone in their household has a retirement plan, but significant activity in building a nest egg doesn't kick in until they are 40 years old.
Building a Nest, Versus Building a Nest Egg Co In all geographic areas (Northeast, Midwest, South and West), about half of Americans (53 percent) feel it is absolutely essential or extremely important to own a home, compared with 48 percent who feel it is absolutely essential or extremely important to build a nest egg of savings and financial investments to achieve long-term goals such as retirement.
Edwards Nest Egg Index, which ranks the nation's states and cities on how well their residents are doing in building a nest egg based on a dozen similar statistical factors.
The new "Physical" spot whimsically portrays a nest egg getting a health assessment: at a doctor's office, the nest egg is measured, has its heartbeat checked, undergoes an MRI and is given a treadmill test as a voice says, "Is your nest egg in shape for retirement?