a mother lode of

a mother lode of something

a large collection of a particular type of thing His collection of letters and papers is a mother lode of information for writers and journalists.
See also: lode, mother, of
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Harris, a Wunderkind who wrote ``X2: X-Men United'' as well as the upcoming remake of ``Logan's Run,'' is interested in the things people hide behind closed doors, and with the Travises, he has created a mother lode of mysteries.
With the installation of the DMS 500 switch -- a combined local and long distance calling central office -- ELI offers a mother lode of full-service communications at flat rate pricing for business customers.
A Mother Lode of antiques stores housed in brightly painted buildings along Main Street, some dating to the 1870s, is a big tourist attraction.
Divers in the TWA Flight 800 recovery effort mined a mother lode of wreckage Saturday, retrieving a huge double-decker chunk of the plane - complete with seats, windows, even a coffeepot.
But it also guarantees Nicole Holofcener's first feature a mother lode of revealing little intimacies and nicely neurotic wit.
The 20 signs found Monday come from a mother lode of 10,000 put together by SEIU members with $14,000 in SEIU funds - a thank-you, no doubt, for Hahn's extreme generosity to city workers, paid for with public cash.
It provides a central source for cartoonists and gag writers to track their progress, keep abreast of editors' needs, "and mine a mother lode of mirth for new ideas," according to editor-in-chief and publisher Bill Keough.
In 2002, with the economic slump and accounting scandals, there was a mother lode of issues that our readers needed us to report on.
Working near the northern limit of land, on Canada's remote Victoria Island, scientists have unearthed a mother lode of microscopic fossils, chronicling an evolutionary explosion among complex cells more than 800 million years ago.