a matter of

a matter of doing something

something that needs to be done Staying healthy as you age is often a matter of avoiding weight gain.
See also: matter, of

a matter of something

an amount that can be measured The guards will react to an alarm call within a matter of minutes. We were off our course by a matter of ten to twenty miles to the west.
See also: matter, of
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As we pointed out in the article yesterday, it's a matter of self-preservation for some of the owners.
This court finds that genuine fact issues remain as to whether the P policies were substantive shams as a matter of law.
Sounds like a guy the Dodgers could have used last season, and if not a matter of bad timing and perhaps weak knees, Guerrero would have been putting all those numbers together up the freeway where the team already claims Los Angeles.
When asked why he is so concerned about helping people, he expressed his conviction that business is much more than a matter of profits; it is a matter of social responsibility.
I have another quote from the book A Matter of Time - Risk and Opportunity in the Nonschool Hours.
I wrote a piece on how Peter Angelos and the Baltimore Orioles were indemnified over television territorial rights, and went on to talk about how relocation or expansion in MLB was going to forever be a matter of placating whose ever territory -- television or operating -- was being encroached upon.
Should either party become unable to pay, the other party shall be, as a matter of law, required to pay all remaining unpaid taxes.
Really, the decision came down to a matter of fit, not performance,'' Dodgers general manager Paul DePodesta said.
The Tax Court reasoned that the controlled corporation's assumption of Kniffen's debt extinguished the $45,000 debt as a matter of law.
We put ourselves in position to have a chance at the end of the year, and now it's a matter of doing it.