a load off mind

a load off (one's) mind

The relief felt after sharing what one is thinking or feeling with others, or upon no longer having a particular problem. Having a night out to talk over my problem with my close friend helped me get a load off my mind. I finally completed my tax return for this year. That's a load off my mind!
See also: load, mind, off

*a load off one's mind

 and *a weight off one's mind
Fig. the relief from a mental burden gained by saying what one is thinking or by speaking one's mind. (*Typically: get ~; take ~.) I think you'll feel better after you get a load off your mind.
See also: load, mind, off
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Nails, staples, hinges, hammers, chisels, knives, scissors, and all sorts of ironwork, they had without reserve, as they required; for no man would take more than he wanted, and he must be a fool that would waste or spoil them on any account whatever; and for the use of the smith I left two tons of unwrought iron for a supply.
As time and place permitted I had succeeded in producing a supply of everything for which I had first created a need, in attracting families of hardworking people into the district, and in implanting a desire to own land in them all.
France is in a better position to attain this end than England, for France alone possesses an amount of territory sufficiently extensive to maintain a supply of agricultural produce at prices that will enable the worker to live on low wages; the Administration should keep this end in view, for therein lies the whole modern question.
When we see, as is so often the case, a formation composed of beds of different mineralogical composition, we may reasonably suspect that the process of deposition has been much interrupted, as a change in the currents of the sea and a supply of sediment of a different nature will generally have been due to geographical changes requiring much time.
I bitterly repented our improvidence in not providing ourselves, as we easily might have done, with a supply of biscuits.
Elizabeth most thankfully consented, and a servant was dispatched to Longbourn to acquaint the family with her stay and bring back a supply of clothes.