a latchkey child

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a latchkey child/kid

  (mainly American)
a child who is often in the house alone because both parents are at work My dad came home at seven in the evening and my mom only an hour earlier so I was a latchkey kid.
See also: child, latchkey
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I made a joke earlier in this column about being a latchkey kid.
I remember being a Latchkey Kid when I was seven or eight years old, in the second grade," said Wayne Irving II, CEO of Iconosys.
Scardino, whose mother died when he was 11, was a latchkey kid from a gang-ridden neighborhood in Venice Beach.
Seth Davis was a latchkey kid growing up in Brooklyn.
Meanwhile, don't count out Morgause, who, were she alive today, would be the woman in a corporation who betrays all womanhood by getting ahead through sex and slander; she raises Mordred (he being the medieval version of a latchkey kid and Morgaine the Arthurian equivalent of a working mom) to be evil, just like her.
He was raised a latchkey kid in a broken home and considers himself blessed to have had baseball intercede as a benevolent baby sitter.