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Today we have organised a kangaroo court to pass on a judgment against him," said a Maoist.
Patna: Police have arrested three persons after a kangaroo court in a village in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand ordered rape for an attempt to rape in what is being believed to be the first such case in the region.
Bruce said: "It's like a kangaroo court - we don't know who sits on it or who is accountable for it.
It is a kangaroo court and should not be held in secret.
The gang rape of the 20- year- old woman was allegedly ordered by a village head at a kangaroo court in Labhpur, about 200km from Kolkata, as punishment for an affair with a man from a different religion.
If convicted of a serious crime in such a kangaroo court, these enemy combatants can then be executed.
What is less well understood is that it is generally a good idea to avoid telling a judge that he or she is presiding over a kangaroo court.
McDonald said: 'The appeal was the closest thing I've experienced to a kangaroo court.
We are convinced this is a kangaroo noise from a kangaroo prime minister who is frustrated the international community has refused to be used as a kangaroo court against Zimbabwe,' Mr Moyo said, referring to the Australian as 'coward Howard'.
On July 27, the day Nieves was convicted of four counts of first- degree murder, Waco wore a necktie covered with kangaroos - symbolic mockery of what he perceived to be a kangaroo court.
Section 201 of our trade law is the victim's rights clause that provides that relief," he added, "and the WTO's consistent rulings against emergency safeguard measures demonstrates that the Dispute Settlement Process is nothing but a kangaroo court.
STEVE BRUCE has accused the FA of holding a kangaroo court after hitting George Boyd with a three-match ban.
It is certainly disheartening when the highest bastion of justice in the land becomes something akin to a kangaroo court.
Not even a kangaroo court should find the brown snake guilty," Attenborough joked.
It's a kangaroo court,'' said Russell Wolpert, attorney for the 99 Cents Only store.