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The non-drinking hen party (what kind of a hen party is THATA TA ?
Thirty years ago, a hen party was a much simpler affair.
She said: "It's been proving incredibly difficult to persuade people to let me come along and that's very sad because you learn so much going on a hen party.
And if a hen party begins to crave cheesy pop hits, the cliff-side Cova d'en Xoroi is the perfect place to dance the night away.
HER marriage has just gone down the pan, so you'd think that bumping into a hen party might be an unclucky encounter for Katy Perry.
I had a hen party myself last weekend at my house in Ireland.
Brannigans, Birmingham's live entertainment venue in Broad Street, has just launched a Hen Party night for brides-to-be every Thursday night.
Karen Billington and her maids, Rachel Hall and Vanessa Collins, will be the first to take off from the Port of Liverpool Building at Pier Head as they enjoy a hen party with a difference.
I'm single but, when I come to get married, there's no way I'd let my future wife go to a hen party with strippers.
HER marriage has just gone down the pan, so you'd think bumping into a hen party would be the last thing Katy Perry would want to happen on a night out.
DRAGON'S Den turned into Dragon's Hen last night when tycoons Gavin Duffy and Niall O'Farrell bought into a hen party suppliers.
While less likely to head overseas than men, some 57%ofwomen say theywill head abroad for a hen party this year.
THE sight of bunny ears, pink cowboy hats, willy-shaped confetti and 'Girls on Tour' T-shirts can mean only one thing - a hen party is on the loose.
A colleague who moonlights as a doorman at a Belfast nightclub tells me that of all the situations he regularly faces - drug dealers, concealed weapons, known loyalists and republicans arriving at the same time - there is only one thing he fears more than a hen party.
During one incident at the weekend, a hen party travelling from Glasgow to Dublin had two pairs of plastic cuffs seized.