a hen night

a hen night/party

  (British & Australian)
a party for women only, especially one that is organized for a woman who is soon going to get married Barbara's having her hen night a week before the wedding.
See also: hen, night
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A Hen Night HQ spokesman said: "Hen parties are becoming a lot simpler and a lot cheaper - but they remain just as outrageous as ever.
Women are more likely to have a final fling on a hen night than their male 'stag' counterparts, according to a survey by a drinks firm.
Spending the evening in a bar/ restaurant proved to be the most popular choice for a Hen Night and most stated that they would like it if the celebrations could be concentrated in just one place - we think Brannigans is that place
I'm going to a hen night soon, which will - I hope - be as hair- raising as the one I went to a few years ago.