a good Samaritan

good Samaritan

A person who selflessly helps others, especially those in distress. Taken from a parable in the Bible in which a Samaritan man was the only person who stopped to help a man who was robbed and beaten. Brad was hailed by the newspaper as a good Samaritan after he stepped in and helped a woman who was being robbed.
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a ˌgood Saˈmaritan

a person who gives help and sympathy to people who need it: He stole money from an old woman while pretending to be a good Samaritan and help carry her shopping.This comes from a story told by Jesus in the Bible.
See also: good, Samaritan
References in classic literature ?
She is a good Samaritan by an irresistible vocation.
I sent her the stamps, received the bottle, and resolved to let her drop out of my life; I had been a good Samaritan to her at the request of my friend, but the best of Samaritans resents the offer of healing oil for his own use.
Eugene police announced Monday that they are looking for a "hero" after a good Samaritan saved the life of a man who had overdosed on heroin Sunday morning near West 13th Avenue and Polk Street.
If a Good Samaritan chooses to be a witness, she will be examined with utmost care and respect.
By passing a Good Samaritan law in New Jersey, we will better prepare our state to respond rapidly and efficiently to the next Super-storm Sandy.
California, the first state to enact a Good Samaritan statute in 1959, is an exception, as it may excuse even gross negligence as long as the act was done in good faith.
In a 1963 AMA survey, approximately half of responding physicians said they would render emergency help, and this did not depend on whether there was a Good Samaritan statute in place (Sanders GB.
The victim was saved from a worse fate when a Good Samaritan - believed to be from the Rugby area - heard her screaming and scared her attacker away.