a good Samaritan

good Samaritan

A person who selflessly helps others, especially those in distress. Taken from a parable in the Bible in which a Samaritan man was the only person who stopped to help a man who was robbed and beaten. Brad was hailed by the newspaper as a good Samaritan after he stepped in and helped a woman who was being robbed.
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a ˌgood Saˈmaritan

a person who gives help and sympathy to people who need it: He stole money from an old woman while pretending to be a good Samaritan and help carry her shopping.This comes from a story told by Jesus in the Bible.
See also: good, Samaritan
References in classic literature ?
She is a good Samaritan by an irresistible vocation.
He was a barrister by profession; a ladies' man by temperament; and a good Samaritan by choice.
By passing a Good Samaritan law in New Jersey, we will better prepare our state to respond rapidly and efficiently to the next Super-storm Sandy.
By enacting a Good Samaritan law, we will promote public safety while greatly strengthening our state's ability to effectively respond to disasters.
A good Samaritan helped subdue Park, who was suspected of being high on drugs, driving into a parked car and fleeing in the July 23 incident.
PIERRE SALVADORI'S ``Apres Vous'' is about a Good Samaritan who starts the movie helping everyone but himself (and, by extension, his long-suffering girlfriend) and, following a wild series of predicaments, reaches a point where he faces a lifetime of unhappiness unless he sells somebody out.
In a nutshell: Satisfying farce about a Good Samaritan realizing the limitations of being helpful.
As horrified motorists looked on, a Good Samaritan leaped from his vehicle Tuesday and pulled a Simi Valley woman from her car after it flipped over on the Ronald Reagan Freeway, according to an eyewitness.
A good Samaritan and his son were stabbed when they tried to quell a couple's violent argument over the custody of a 3-year-old child, police said Monday.
The neighbor, who Clifford called a good Samaritan for trying to prevent injury to the mother and child, was treated and released at a hospital, police said.
A good Samaritan, who can come in all sizes, shapes and colors, could be a local company donating clothing, a 10-year-old collecting food, a church group providing volunteers, or a retired man who does daily laundry.
A majority of physicians believe that religious upbringing is either very important (28%) or important (41%) to one's willingness to act as a Good Samaritan