a glamour girl

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a glamour girl/puss

  (British & Australian) also a glamor girl/puss (American & Australian)
a sexually attractive woman who is very interested in her clothes and appearance His name was always linked to some glamor girl. I think she sees herself as a bit of a glamour puss with her high heels and her blonde hair.
See also: girl, glamour
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She was a typical teenager, a tomboy but also a glamour puss when she wanted to be.
But it's not just her profile that's improved - Ashley, 37, has turned into a glamour puss since moving to LA.
In fact, her bright red lippy's the only clue that she's really a glamour puss.
SPOT-ON SLIPPERS PUT your feet up while you're watching telly and still look a glamour puss with this Dolce & Gabbana Woman gift set.
You tion with tight tops, plunging necklines As a glamour puss you demand atten-price tag instead.
So this winter, there's absolutely no excuse for not turning into a glamour puss.