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He, too, gave me the impression that he was not a free agent, as we talked I began to see that he was mentally superior to the average of his kind.
But as I was saying, no one to-day is a free agent.
Under an accumulation of staggerers, no man can be considered a free agent.
As he approached quite close to me I obtained an excellent view of him, and though I was later to become better acquainted with his kind, I may say that that single cursory examination of this awful travesty on Nature would have proved quite sufficient to my desires had I been a free agent.
Besides, the missionary's hair-splitting objection had offended him; and, to prove that he was a free agent and a man of honor, he had swung his huge war club over Starhurst's head.
Tomorrow I shall start afresh--today I am a free agent for the first time in my life.
It seemed, to my mind, more natural and more probable to assume that she was not so completely a free agent in this matter as she had herself asserted.
You may not care to please yourself, and you may not care to please him, but you are not a free agent as to pleasing: you are forced to do that, in spite of yourself, my dear; so it may be a question whether you may not as well please yourself too, if you can.
I only wished to see that the boy had come to no harm and was a free agent.
In the deal, first reported by ESPN, Bailey gives the Red Sox a reliable ninth-inning guy to replace the departed Jonathan Papelbon, who signed a $50 million, four-year contract as a free agent with the Philadelphia Phillies in November.
After all, a player without the potential to change a division to some extent--that is, make his team more likely to win said division--would not be one that commands a multi-year deal as a free agent or a bounty of prospects in a trade.
Signing Thomas as a free agent was considered a risk since the slugger had barely played the past twoseasons because of ankle injuries.
Zito is a free agent and will not be back next year.
Well, the Angels have shown a penchant to be a playoff regular, too, and if Zito signed as a free agent in the offseason, he might have a carpool to join.
And with the acquisition of Finley, the team won't miss the offense it lost when third baseman Troy Glaus became a free agent.