a femme fatale

femme fatale

A mysterious and attractive woman who puts men in dangerous or compromising situations. James Bond is always able to see through the evil plot of the femme fatale.
See also: fatale, femme

(be) a ˌfemme faˈtale

(from French) a beautiful woman that men find sexually attractive but who brings them trouble or unhappiness: The movie follows the relationship between sexy femme fatale Suzy and young lawyer Jim, which eventually leads to a murderous crime of passion.
The meaning of the French expression is ‘disastrous woman’.
See also: fatale, femme
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And here are some tricks that can help you become a femme fatale and sweep your man off his feet:
SHE'S been the Girl with a Pearl Earring, a Wild Child and now Kimberley Nixon's set to sizzle as a femme fatale.
The legitimacy of Horace's perceptions of Belle as a femme fatale is predicated on the fact that she never emerges as a subject.
The popularity of the association between women, snakes, and temptation even spread to the theatre where actress Sarah Bernhardt, a femme fatale in both her professional and private lives, portrayed characters such as Medea and Cleopatra.
They match each other perfectly physically, Netrebko a dark, slim, slight beauty who can be girlish in one scene, a femme fatale in another; Villazon with a mop of dark hair and huge eyebrows, just an inch or so taller than Netrebko, and with all the wounded innocence of youth.
The kitsch figures of the Great Blacks in Wax Museum invade the painting galleries of the Walters Art Museum, and Melvin van Peebles, who appears as himself, is stalked by a femme fatale who traverses stereotypes of black power, blaxploitation, and black science fiction.
WHEN you've been the wife of a rock star it shouldn't be that hard playing a femme fatale.
The singer raunches it up for her new single Toxic where she locks lips with three different guys in the steamy video as she plays a femme fatale trying to kill her cheating ex.
In the 19th century she was transformed into a femme fatale and a courtesan "with a heart of gold," while 20th-century artists have emphasized the reformed prostitute motif.
Mandy, now a three-times married novelist with homes in London, Florida and France, is proof that being a femme fatale pays.
There's a femme fatale (Connie Nielsen, always a welcome screen presence), a drunken clown (Oliver Platt, over-the-top as usual, but pretty funny in spots), plenty of on-screen vomit, the ironic inclusion of Alvin and the Chipmunks and lots and lots of snow in a Midwest winter that is anything but a wonderland.
Mixing decorative motifs from Mycenae to Byzantium, Klimt makes his imperious female sitters look like reincarnations of the Empress Theodora and, in a work like Hope, 1903, can even transform a nine-months-pregnant teen into a femme fatale.
Sega(R) of America today released "Enemy Zero(TM)" -- an all new interactive space odyssey for the Sega Saturn(R) starring digital actress Laura Lewis, a femme fatale who must use all her senses and intelligence to save her crew and herself.
Lucinda is supposed to be a femme fatale type (Aniston can't quite shed her good-girl tendencies to make it work), leggy, lovely, intense.
There are many new characters, including Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith), a former lover of Morpheus, and Persephone (Monica Bellucci), a femme fatale who tries to seduce Neo (to the dark side?