a fairy godmother

fairy godmother

1. In children's fairy tales, a woman with magical powers who appears in order to help others in their time of need. Cinderella's fairy godmother helped her get ready for the ball so she could meet Prince Charming.
2. Someone who helps others with their problems, usually providing financial assistance. Thank you so much for helping me with my car repair bill! You are my fairy godmother.
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a fairy godmother

A fairy godmother is a person, especially a woman, who helps someone a lot. When I began in the business, the woman I regarded as my fairy godmother was Sybil Thorndike. Our country needs a fairy godmother to pay its debts.
See also: fairy, godmother

a/your ˌfairy ˈgodmother

a person who helps you unexpectedly when you most need help: You’ll need a fairy godmother to get you out of your present difficulties.The fairy godmother is the magical character in the story of Cinderella who helps Cinderella go to the ball.
See also: fairy, godmother
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The Grimm Brothers take on the story, "Aschenputtel," which came out in Germany in 1812, featured a wishing tree that grows on her mothers grave in place of a fairy godmother and set forth a much darker tone.
If, that is, a fairy godmother can come in the form of the young, dynamic proprietor of a vegetarian Jewish deli food truck called Shhmaltz.
CHRISTMAS has arrived early in one North Wales village, thanks to the combined efforts of S4C and local lad turned showbiz impresario Stifyn Parri - who has turned into a Fairy Godmother to get a most unusual panto underway.
When seventeen-year-old Tansy Miller is arrested for vandalizing public buildings-a crime actually committed by her bad-boy boyfriend and his friends-she is assigned a fairy godmother because she is "78 percent pathetic.
The mother-of-eight dressed up as a Fairy Godmother and hit Dublin's St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre to launch the Fairy and Make A Wish Christmas Campaign.
It tells the story of a 12-year-old girl, Birdie, who discovers that she's part of a fairy godmother lineage and encounters much adventure in the mystical land of Aventurine with her sidekick, Kerka.
Villagers were amazed to see Santa with his cute Little Helper, elves, fairies, clowns, snowmen and a Fairy Godmother on horseback trotting around the village in the winter sunshine
I probably won't be wearing a costume that you would normally see on a Fairy Godmother.
As a nuclear apocalypse edges ever closer, could we be rescued not by a fairy godmother but by British Summer Time instead.
Viktor Barykin's Storyteller conveyed subdued passion, taking the place of a Fairy Godmother.
A fairy godmother with red fringes on her gloves, a pair of diamond spurs.
There's no most common anything for a fairy godmother.
Obviously, that isn't possible unless you're a fairy godmother or Superman.