a bundle of joy

bundle of joy

A newborn baby. We threw a baby shower for Jessica today so she can get all she needs in preparation for her little bundle of joy.
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a bundle of joy

A bundle of joy is a baby, especially one that has just been born. Our family are all as overjoyed as we are at the early arrival of our little bundle of joy.
See also: bundle, joy, of

a bundle of ˈjoy

(informal) a baby
See also: bundle, joy, of
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Listen to our hearts sing, A baby carried to us on angel's wing God blessed us with a bundle of joy A lovely bouncing baby boy A wonderful child, a bundle of fun Born to us, our lovely son He has a sparkle in his eyes Like stars that twinkle in night skies He fills our hearts with care and love Like the warmth of sunshine up above His lovely smile refreshing Flowing like morning dawn with fair wind blowing His tears flow unselfish and true Like flowers glistening with morning dew Our family life, a happy dream With a wonder baby, a son supreme No other parent's happiness can compare To our ecstasy for our son and Heir | Send your poems to Sunday Mercury Short Stories, Sunday Mercury, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham B24 9FF.
DAVID Beckham has spoken for the first time about his baby Harper Seven, saying: "She's a bundle of joy.
But every week, / I'm going to be / a bundle of joy.
Stork coming in hot out East with Chris Cole and his special lady, Red, expecting a bundle of joy.
Parents of newborns can expect more than a bundle of joy at Simi Valley Hospital, where a new baby club is offering members free services from haircuts to housecleaning.