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I really cannot justify it to my conscience to carry about my person any such loose and reckless document as a blank check.
Then the Banker endorsed a blank check (which he crossed), And changed his loose silver for notes.
Richard Mason, LAUSD's chief attorney, says voters approved a blank check, which the Board of Education may spend for virtually any construction project it likes.
It never intended to give the Board of Education a blank check.
OTCBB: MPAQ, MPAQB) ("Mercator Partners"), a blank check company which has entered into definitive agreements to acquire two Virtual Network Operators ("VNO") to serve as the platform for the creation of a global leader in outsourced telecommunications services, today announced that Rhodric Hackman, President of Mercator Partners, will present at the third-annual Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.
He said at a news conference in Washington, ``If Clinton is re-elected, heaven forbid, the last thing the American people want is for him to have a blank check in the form of a liberal Democrat Congress.
Customers can apply for an auto loan via the Internet one day and receive a blank check the very next day," Mertz added.
The board is in fact signing off a blank check right now," Korenstein said.
Blank check financing means clients get approved for a predetermined loan amount and receive a blank check that can be made out to anyone, for any amount up to the predetermined loan amount," said Sig Anderman, president and CEO of Ellie Mae.
We have reengineered the vehicle lending process and utilized the technology of the Internet so that a customer can quickly and conveniently complete the entire loan process online, get a credit decision in minutes, and have a blank check to go shopping for his or her vehicle the next day.