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piece of the action

A part of the profits or success from an activity. Once Sarah heard that Mel was starting a new software company, she decided she wanted a piece of the action and asked to be his business partner.
See also: action, of, piece

piece (of the action)

 and bit of the action; slice of the action
Sl. a share in the activity or the profits. (Especially of a business scheme or gambling activity.) If you get in on that real estate deal, I want a piece, too. Deal Tom in. He wants a piece of the action.




1. n. a sexually attractive (young) woman. (Crude.) Who’s that piece I saw you with last night?
2. n. a gun, especially a revolver. (Underworld.) Okay, this gun is aimed at your head. Drop your piece.
3. n. a tiny ponytail worn by males. Even the little boys—six and seven years old—want to wear a piece. Tony pointed out that lots of pirates wore pieces.
4. n. a piece of shit; POS; something worthless. This car is a piece. Couldn’t you gank something better?