a barrel of laughs

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barrel of laughs

Fun, funny, and pleasant. Often used sarcastically to indicate that someone is unpleasant or not enjoyable to be around. A: "Is Mr. Grant always cranky?" B: "Oh, yeah—he's a real barrel of laughs!" I always have so much fun when Katie's around—she's totally a barrel of laughs!
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a barrel of laughs

a source of fun or amusement. informal
1996 Mail on Sunday Seeing so many old people gathered all in one place was hardly a barrel of laughs.
See also: barrel, laugh, of

a barrel/bundle of ˈlaughs

(informal, often ironic) very amusing; a lot of fun: Life hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs lately.
See also: barrel, bundle, laugh, of
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DESIGNERS have had a barrel of laughs with Glenfiddich.
Station officer Paul Blacketer said: "We had a barrel of laughs when we found out the truth.
Broddle wants them to copy his old Raith Rovers mates who had a barrel of beer and a barrel of laughs under former boss Jimmy Nicholl.