a hard time

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*a hard time

 and *a bad time; *a rough time
trouble [over something]; unnecessary difficulty. (*Typically: have ~ give someone ∼.) Please don't give me a hard time. The clerk got a hard time from the boss, so he quit.
See also: hard, time
References in classic literature ?
There was a dentist's sign, among others, which adorned the entrance, and after staring a moment at the pair of artificial jaws which slowly opened and shut to draw attention to a fine set of teeth, the young gentleman put on his coat, took his hat, and went down to post himself in the opposite doorway, saying with a smile and a shiver, "It's like her to come alone, but if she has a bad time she'll need someone to help her home.
But when it came to breaking in, that was a bad time for me; several men came to catch me, and when at last they closed me in at one corner of the field, one caught me by the forelock, another caught me by the nose and held it so tight I could hardly draw my breath; then another took my under jaw in his hard hand and wrenched my mouth open, and so by force they got on the halter and the bar into my mouth; then one dragged me along by the halter, another flogging behind, and this was the first experience I had of men's kindness; it was all force.
What was a bad time for Mr Dolls, could not fail to be a bad time for the dolls' dressmaker.
The ugly women have a bad time of it in this world; let's hope it will be made up to them in another.
Yes, shy men, like ugly women, have a bad time of it in this world, to go through which with any comfort needs the hide of a rhinoceros.
Angels starter pitcher John Lackey picked a bad time to have his worst start in more than two months, giving up six runs and seven hits in seven innings.