a bad hair day

bad hair day

1. A day when one's hair is unruly and looks unkempt. I'm wearing a hat because I'm having a bad hair day, OK? Talk about a bad hair day—what am I going to do with this unruly mop?
2. A bad day. I'd avoid the boss if I were you—he must be having a bad hair day because he's screaming at everyone he sees. It's been a real bad hair day—everything has gone wrong.
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a bad hair day

If someone is having a bad hair day, their hair does not look good, and they may feel annoyed because of this. All this fuss is because Carol is having a bad hair day. Note: This expression is usually used humorously.
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a bad ˈhair day

(spoken, humorous) a day when everything seems to go wrong: Today is definitely a bad hair day — you know, one of those days when nothing gets done no matter how hard you try.What’s wrong — are you having a bad hair day?
This expression refers to the fact that if you think your hair looks bad, you feel that you look unattractive and nothing in the day will go right for you.
See also: bad, hair
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A researcher uses the scientific method to find out whether a Bad Hair Day affects your mood.
Her hypothesis stated that both males and females would feel embarrassed or depressed when asked to remember a bad hair day, but she proposed that females would be more affected than males.
For example, people get depressed when asked to remember a bad hair day.