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zit face

derogatory slang Someone with very bad acne or severe scarring therefrom. (Sometimes hyphenated.) I was a bit of a zit face in high school, but thankfully my face cleared up in college. Wow, a zit-face like you will never get a date to the dance!
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and pizza-face and pizza-puss and zit-face
n. a person with acne or many acne scars. (Intended as jocular. Rude and derogatory.) I gotta get some kind of medicine for these pimples. I’m getting to be a regular crater-face. I don’t want to end up a zit-face, but I love chocolate!




n. a pimple. Don’t squeeze your zits on my mirror!

zit doctor

n. a dermatologist. The zit doctor I went to was a crater-face!
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Zits attempts to perform a warped version of the Ghost Dance fed to him by a white boy named Justice.
On the other hand, Zits seems to be fully aware of some of the ironies and contradictions that govern a society which, albeit theoretically color blind, keeps imposing boundaries for those who belong to minorities.
Trying to physically remove a zit leads to dig marks on the face and the diagnosis of "acne excoriee de jeune filles.
I explain that the life cycle of a zit, left alone, is about 6 weeks.
I've had it since my teens and although it sometimes clears up for a few weeks the zits always seem to come back with a vengeance.
Memo to Brit: next time you pop out remember to rub your concealer into your zits.
The singer turned actress was sporting a nasty outbreak of zits as she waited for pals at a London cafe.
She was a real trooper, stayed with me through teenage zits, disapproving lesbians, and hetero assumptions.
Some astronomers discussing blemishes in the smoothness of the universal background radiation called them zits, and then had the gall to talk about squeezing the data a little harder.
SPOTTED: Paris Hilton in a beauty parlour getting a facial for her zits.
Any with a teen shouldn't miss Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's ZITS 2007 FAMILY ORGANIZER (0740758705, $12.
They're probably zits or ingrown hairs--the genital area has tons of hair follicles and oil glands.
Her teen fans will have every sympathy for her as she appeared in Santa Monica, California, with several zits on her face.
But sadly it also looked like Britney was suffering a bad case of zits as she strolled to her car with bosom buddy KEVIN FEDERLINE.
NO this isn't Billie Piper in a new film role she really has an eruption of zits on her face.