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Yous have hassled us, harassed us, yous just won't leave us alone.
He added: "Makes me laugh Wrexham fans hammering me 4 going out in the season yes I have got a life off the pitch, yous expect us 2 live a prison life.
Exciting this certainly is not, rather the type of music you could happily nod off to on a calm summer's day.
Carol Weston's books include Girltalk: All the Your Sister Never Told You and For Girls Only as well as the Melanie Martin diary series.
Each participant was given Post-it notes on which to write thank you messages to every other member of the team.
Actually, to tell you the truth, I'm starting to enjoy this ringing in my ears.
I end up by saying to each element, "Three times three times three big time thank yous.
E-guest lists, e-invitations, e-reminders and e-thank yous are sent instantly.
Someone knows out there something and yous have got to get the courage and speak out or ring someone.
WOULD like to say three big thank yous to some special people.
com website is continuously accepting the public's thank yous and posts a live tally of the number of thank yous received thus far.
The survey of 2,000 British adults, released to mark the launch of TV channel Gold's new comedy You, Me & Them, also highlighted some regional differences - with just 5 per cent of people in the south west saying that they send digital thank yous compared to 46 per cent of Londoners.
Head teacher Carol Walker has placed the word "yous" firmly in detention, explaining "the word you is NEVER a plural", and she has asked parents to pick up on the pronunciation of work (not "werk") and shirt (not "shert").
If yous lot reading this think "yous" is a correct term, think again.
So at the end of the day, yous killed me and him before that trigger was ever pulled.