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18 Who plays a young Edward 'Grandad' Trotter in Rock And Chips, the prequel to Only Fools And Horses .
It was grounded in opposition to the Statute of Labourers and the third poll tax of 1377 as well as to John of Gaunt, regent for the young Edward II.
When dashing young Edward Livingstone caught the eye of his 17-year-old wife-to-be, Gladys, in a cinema, she quickly thought of a way to grab his attention.
It is said that one evening, after having heard from a young Edward Astley that politicians should retire before they are 60, a 60-year-old Churchill, who was yet to become Prime Minister, predicted in response that the zenith of his career was yet to come.
Additionally, we get a much clearer idea than previously of the way in which his son Henry came to be the "henchman" of the young Edward VI.
When the young Edward married the Duke of Westminster's daughter, Lady Tamara Grosvenor, Charles would have been sitting in the front row with the Queen, the Duke and his sons.
There's the time the young Edward (played by Ewan McGregor) confronts a witch with the glass eye (Helena Bonham-Carter), the time he befriends Karl the Giant (Matthew McGrory), and when he joins the circus run by Amos Calloway (Danny DeVito).
50) The wealth and political stature of the extended Dorsey family endowed young Edward with social rank, but his limited education in America kept him from identifying with the more genteel European traditions represented by Alexander Hamilton.
Among the members of the ensemble, the young Edward Liang is distinctive and incisive, as if he were born to the movement; Albert Evans catches the eye as well.
Young Edward was due to be crowned at the end of June but just weeks before it turned out that, gasp, their parent's marriage was declared invalid making the princes illegitimate - and unable to take the throne.
Lawyer Richard Gere (below) is happy to tackle a headline-grabbing case when young Edward Norton's accused of murdering a bishop.
The family moved to St Anthony''s, Byker, where, the 1871 census shows, the vicarage was home to young Edward, six siblings, their parents and four servants.
EMOTIONAL: Young Edward Kennedy III breaks down in front of his grandfather's coffin
We also see young Edward, aged 13, sitting on the lap of his 22-year-old big brother Joe Junior as they read a book together.
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