you don't say

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you don't say

1. Is that true? (Can be used to express genuine surprise or interest, or else as a general response that doesn't express surprise or interest). A: "My wife's cousin is the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots." B: "You don't say! Have you ever met him?" A: "I found a frog in the river behind the house today, and I decided to keep it as a pet in my treehouse." B: "Hmm, you don't say. Don't bring it into the house."
2. Used as a sarcastic response to something one considers obvious or self-evident. A: "Wow, this place is expensive!" B: "Oh, you don't say. It's almost as if it's the only restaurant in the entire state with three Michelin stars or something."
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You don't say.

1. Inf. a general response to something that someone has said. (Expresses a little polite surprise or interest, but not disbelief.) Bill: I'm starting work on a new job next Monday. Bob: You don't say. Sally: The Jones boys are keeping a pet snake. Alice: You don't say.
2. . Inf. You have just said something that everybody already knows. Bill: I think I'm beginning to put on a little weight. Jane: You don't say. John: My goodness, prices are getting high. Sue: You don't say.
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you don't say

How surprising, is that true? Also, I find that hard to believe. For example, I've been working on this project for two years.-You don't say, or The man who runs this soup kitchen is a real saint.-You don't say! This expression, a shortening of you don't say so, may be used straightforwardly or ironically. [Late 1800s]
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you don’t ˈsay!

(spoken, often ironic) used to express surprise: ‘My brother’s an astronaut, you know.’ ‘You don’t say!’‘I was in the Scouts for six years.’ ‘You don’t say.’ (= I’m not interested/surprised).
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You don't say if either of you is on medication or having counselling, but it would be worth him seeing his doctor again and explaining how he's feeling.
YOU don't say how long your stepfather has been around but I know from personal experience how tough it can be for everyone involved to find their place in a stepfamily.
If you don't say in the pleading that the assets are located in this state, we don't know.
You don't say how long your stepfather has been around, but I know from personal experience how tough it can be for everyone involved to find their place in a stepfamily.
You don't say, `I don't need a computer or I don't need a cell phone.
So when a friend calls you up one day in 1992 after your own daughter has left Scouting after 12 years, and tells you about some teen-age girls in Pacoima, Sylmar and Lakeview Terrace who are about to leave Scouting because no adult will step forward to lead their troop, you don't say,``What a shame.
He was working as an alarm system installer at the time, but you don't say no to family.
One of the most important things you learn is what you don't say to people,'' she said.
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