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let me tell you

Used to emphasize a statement. There's going to be trouble in the city if our team loses this championship, let me tell you. Let me tell you, I've never seen a rat this big in my whole life!
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yasss queen

slang An expression of excitement and approval. The number of a's and s's can vary. Yaasss queen! You look gorgeous!
See also: queen, yasss

cold enough for you

A humorous question one asks another when it is obviously quite cold. How are you enjoying this winter? Cold enough for you?
See also: cold, enough

See ya, bye-bye.

Inf. Bye. Bill: I have to be off. Bob: See ya, bye-bye. Mary: See ya, bye-bye. Sue: Toodle-oo.
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See you.

 and See ya.
Inf. Good-bye. (See also I'll see you later.) Good game, Tom. See ya. See you, old chum. Give me a ring.
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How ya living?

interrog. How are you doing? (The response is Living large.) How ya living, man?
See also: how, YA

See you

and See ya
interj. Good-bye. See you, old chum. Give me a ring.
See also: see

See ya

See also: see, YA


pro. you. (Eye-dialect. Typical spoken English. Used in writing only for effect. Used in the examples of this dictionary.) See ya!
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