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slang An more enthusiastic alternative to "yes." The number of a's and s's can vary. School is closed today? Yasss. Yasss, pumpkin spice lattes are finally back at Starbucks!

yasss queen

slang An expression of excitement and approval. The number of a's and s's can vary. Yaasss queen! You look gorgeous!
See also: queen, yasss
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Munir, Secretary PARC, and Li Xuelin, Vice-President YAAS, P.
AJ AIAIA/JIJIJ AL YAAS (US yes--oed) / YLLS (hills--oed) AQ AOROA (New Zealand) / QOROQ AS AIDA / SIDS (Iran) AT AREA / TRET (both Web2) AV AOA (Century Dic.
Our efforts, together with the support of YAAS and Pu'er municipal government in Yunnan reaffirm Starbucks continued commitment to conducting business responsibly and creating a better future for local farmers, communities and the environment," said Wang Jinlong, senior vice president of Starbucks Coffee Company and chairman of Starbucks Greater China.