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Simultaneously with the introduction of the shear stack XYZ, Noliac is extending the range of shear plates to include a 15x15 mm size.
On the happy camper scale, I was definitely not a happy camper, so I called XYZ Company for the fourth time.
It was around this time, too, that XYZ Corporation engaged in a LILO transaction.
Broomfield & Alexander's international director Mark Jones said: "Today's businesses need to think globally, whether it is outsourcing or finding new markets and customers, and we're very excited to have developed this new Go Global brand for Wales with XYZ Communications.
Example: XYZ Company won its first government services contract, a five-year fixed-price contract, consisting of five separate CLIN's (Contract Line Item Number).
Trimble has acquired privately-held XYZ Solutions Inc.
ABC should establish in its books and records--via a credit to a new reserve account, for example, that $800,000 of the total $7 million bad-debt reserve represents a sustained loss equal to 80% of the $1 million receivable from XYZ.
Folk music is alive and well-served by the trio XYZ who have a debut album out, as David Whetstone reports.
XYZ Corporation employed 250 workers in Somerset County, New Jersey.
XYZ founder and managing director Nigel Atherton says that the change in ownership of his company will inject additional financial and technical resources.
It has a rapid XYZ traverse of 1,969 ipm as well as a cutting feedrate of 50 m/min (1,969 ipm).
It contained a good deal of copy about what's right and what's vaporware about the new XYZ system and promised the next issue would have an extensive user report on the new product.
I would like you to meet with [name], President and CEO of XYZ Company .