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winner takes all

A competition in which the victor is granted all possible prizes. I know we've been playing darts all night, but this will be the last round, winner takes all! My sister and I used to bet our Halloween candy on our report card grades, winner takes all.
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be onto a winner

To be progressing in a way that is likely to succeed. I think we're onto a winner with this new environmental initiative—the whole company has really embraced it. After all of those failed experiments, our team is finally onto a winner now.
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winner take all

a situation where the one who defeats others takes all the spoils of the conflict. The contest was a case of winner take all. There was no second place or runner-up.
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be onto a winner

to be likely to succeed, usually because what you are selling is very popular I think they're onto a winner with their latest product.
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Sounds like a winner!

sent. It sounds acceptable. Sounds like a winner! Let’s do it!
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n. an excellent person or thing. This one is a real winner.
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Between them sat her grandfather, looking intently at the winner with a kind of hungry admiration, and hanging upon his words as if he were some superior being.
There will be five financial awards for the first five winners of the Studies and Researches category.
The second last-sixteen final will oppose the teams who are eliminated from the Champions League last-sixteen final to the winners of CAF Cup's 1st last-sixteen final.
Second round (Oct 31): Chelmsley v Massey Ferguson, Southam v Winners of 3, Winners of 4 v Winners of 1, Winners of 6 v Winners of 2, Bulkington v Bourton & Frankton, Folly Lane v Winners of 8, Alvis v Winners of 5, Peugeot v Winners of 7.
Over the years, other sponsored awards programs have included the Army Reserve MVSP (Most Valuable Senior Player) in boys and girls soccer, the Franklin Life Insurance Coaching Awards (which rostered more than 11,000 winners in its three-year run), the Norelco Tripleheader Scholarship Program (distributing $15,000 in scholarships annually to scholar-athletes), the K-Swiss Scholarships, Schutt Sports' All-American HS Football Team, the Reebok Junior All-Stars (football) and the AFLAC Assistant Coach of the Year program, recognizing outstanding assistant coaches on both the high school and college levels.
The Phoenix Award Executive Committee announced The Phoenix Award winners for 2005 for excellence in brownfield redevelopment.
LANCASTER - The young winners of the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale's 6th annual Bach competition and the 2nd annual Gail Newby Concerto competition will perform at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center later this month as part of their prize.
Aviation winners of the 2000 Secretary of the Navy Environmental Awards:
Frank and Cook admit that "the widening gap between winners and losers is apparently not new," and they quote the British economist Alfred Marshall, writing in 1890: "There never was a time at which moderately good oil paintings sold more cheaply than now, and there never was a time at which first-rate paintings sold so dearly.
Indeed, overconfidence is likely to be especially strong in the realm of career choice because, in addition to the usual motivational biases that support it, there is also the fact that the biggest winners are so conspicuous.
Bennett"), an affiliate of Gamma, Bennett will make available to a subsidiary of Winners $10.
Then the Blue Ribbon panel met for two-and-one-half days to select the winners.
The winners were picked from 40 finalists who visited Washington, D.
Among them, 18 first-time winners will receive the coveted seal as well as the heavy-weights of customer satisfaction Crutchfield and Tower Hobbies, who have held the title for a record nine consecutive years.