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wheeling and dealing

looking for and using a good opportunity He was always wheeling and dealing to get financial support.
Usage notes: usually said about business or financial opportunities, and also used in the form wheel and deal: If you want to be successful in this business, you have to wheel and deal.
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wheeling and dealing

complicated and sometimes dishonest agreements in business or politics that people try to achieve in order to make profits or get advantages It's an article about all the wheeling and dealing that goes on in financial markets.
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mod. lacking restraint; flamboyant and uncontrolled. These high-spending, free-wheeling palm-pressers appear out of nowhere at election time.
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and as chairman of the executive committee of WesBanco Wheeling for the past five years.
He joined the bank when it was Wheeling Dollar Savings & Trust Co.
Before joining WesBanco, Dove was a staff accountant for Price Waterhouse and assistant treasurer and controller for Wheeling Tile Company until joining Wheeling Dollar Savings & Trust Company in 1964.
He is a member of the board of trustees of the Ohio Valley Medical Center and of Ohio Valley Health Services and Education Corporation, a former director of the West Virginia Bankers Association, a founding member and Emeritus director of the Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation (OVIBDC), a member of the Fort Henry Club and the Wheeling Country Club, where he served as a director and president for 10 years.
Hopeful Housing Corporation announced a plan to rehabilitate and revitalize a one-block area on 14th Street from Jacob to Wood Street in East Wheeling known as the "Old 14th Street Project.
PMI has dedicated $100,000 and Fannie Mae has contributed $25,000 to establish a revolving fund for the rehabilitation program in the East Wheeling area.
The East Wheeling community will be strengthened through homeownership education and the revitalization of 14th Street.
East Wheeling has the potential to rehabilitate a magnificent old Victorian neighborhood and at the same time provide affordable housing for current residents and new neighbors," said Father Larry Dorsch, board president of Hopeful Housing Corporation.
Information Throughout Wheeling, Delivering Superior Healthcare
SeeBeyond (Nasdaq:SBYN), the leading global provider of eBusiness and Application Integration (eAI) solutions, today announced that Wheeling Hospital, the oldest hospital in West Virginia, has successfully upgraded from Datagate to SeeBeyond's most current platform, e*Gate(TM) Integrator.
Even though the SeeBeyond Datagate product was efficient and stable, Wheeling upgraded to the e*Gate platform to incorporate a new skill set into the Wheeling environment and to leverage the additional functionality found in the e*Gate solution.
Wheeling is using the e*Gate platform to enable a Real-Time Information Network, in which its patient management systems, laboratory testing orders, radiology testing orders, drug dispensing systems and transcription results systems are connected, to provide patients with a more positive healthcare experience and to reduce the amount of error-prone manual processes.
Upholding the validity of water wheeling rates set by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the California Supreme Court today denied petitions to review the wheeling case.
Importantly, the Appellate Court had also ruled that nothing in state law supported the trial court's conclusion that system-wide costs could not be included when calculating a wheeling rate.
Metropolitan's wheeling rate and rate-setting methodology were challenged by the San Diego County Water Authority, the El Centro-based Imperial Irrigation District, and others.