What's your poison?

What's your poison?

What do you want to drink? What is your usual drink? Let's have a drink. What's your poison?

what's your poison?

used to ask someone what they would like to drink. informal

what’s your ˈpoison?

(spoken, humorous) used to ask somebody what alcoholic drink they would like: Right, would anyone like a drink? Bill, what’s your poison?
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Don't do any more than you have to What's your poison?
Amec is being reinforced by an all-Wales poster campaign entitled What's Your Poison?
In short, a wide audience will find much color and plenty of examples of addictive advertising's various approaches and appeal in What's Your Poison?
Even the bad advice can be helpful as it gives you an insight into the person giving the advice What's your poison?
Despite everything that is going on in the NHS, I still would like to be a doctor, but it would have to be psychiatry or clinical psychology What's your poison?
None springs to mind but I am generally nervous of applying dogma to changing environments What's your poison?