What's the damage?

what's the damage

The price of something. This dress is gorgeous, but I don't want to try it on until I find out how much it costs. Excuse me, sir, what's the damage?
See also: damage

What's the damage?

Sl. What are the charges?; How much is the bill? Bill: That was delicious. Waiter, what's the damage? Waiter: I'll get the check, sir. Waiter: Your check sir. Tom: Thanks. Bill: What's the damage, Tom? Let me pay my share. Tom: Nonsense, I'll get it. Bill: Okay this time, but I owe you one.

what's the damage?

used to ask the cost of something. informal

what’s the ˈdamage?

(British English, informal) how much do I need to pay you?: Thanks for repairing the cooker. What’s the damage?
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