What's cooking?

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what's cooking

What's going on? What's happening? So what's cooking these days? How have you been?
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What's cooking?

Inf. What is happening?; How are you? Bob: Hi, Fred! What's cooking? Fred: How are you doing, Bob? Bob: Hi, Fred! What's cooking? Bill: Nothing. Anything happening with you?

what’s ˈcooking?

(informal) what is being done or planned: What’s cooking in here? You all look very guilty!
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And while he wouldn't name the chef, he did tease the What's Cooking?
After putting together their creations they, went off on an Easter parade around Albert Dock to show off their work before returning to the What's Cooking?
Well you'd have to be careful now (with Gurinder's food), of course - but she did make a film called What's Cooking?
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Located on the city's iconic World Heritage waterfront, Albert Dock Liverpool is architecturally stunning - with the largest group of Grade I listed buildings in the UK - and boasts world-class attractions such as Tate Liverpool, the Beatles Story and Merseyside Maritime Museum, plus a wealth of popular restaurants and vibrant bars, such as Gusto, What's Cooking?
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