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the wee small hours (of the night/morning)

The very early hours after midnight. I was studying for the exam until the wee small hours of the morning, and now I can barely keep my eyes open! We all danced until the wee small hours of the night. I love the wee small hours, when few are awake and one can be alone with one's thoughts.
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the small hours (of the night)

 and the wee hours (of the night)
the hours immediately after midnight. The dance went on into the small hours of the night. Jim goes to bed in the wee hours and gets up at lunchtime.
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the small hours

the early hours of the morning (often + of ) I was up till the small hours of Wednesday morning finishing off that report. She was born in the small hours of Saturday morning.
See the fine print, Don't sweat the small stuff, make feel small
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small hours

Also, wee hours. The hours following midnight, as in I stayed up working through the small hours, or The parents didn't come home until the wee hours. The adjectives small and wee both refer to the low numbers of those hours (one o'clock, two o'clock, etc.). [c. 1830]
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wee hours

The early hours of the morning right after midnight: "post-disco electronic rhythms that propel clubgoers into the wee hours" (Jon Pareles).
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go wee-wee

To urinate.