Watch this space

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Watch this space.

something that you say which means that you think there will soon be exciting changes in a situation I have plans for my career. Watch this space.
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The people of Newcastle and the Hunter should watch this space for further initiatives in their region, which was taken for granted by Labor for decades.
Watch This Space helps them understand why creating, preserving, and protecting parks, playgrounds, and other public spaces benefits everyone.
Marking the beginning of Watch This Space 2004, Gerry Stacey Regional Director, CCE (Wales & West) said, 'We are committed to making a difference to the community in which we live and work - having a regional office for Wales and the West based in Cardiff has enabled us to do just that.
Her group Watch This Space includes artist Penny Dewhurst plus photographers Sadhya Rippon and Neeraj Stuart Neesham.
Watch this space in the November 16 issue, when we'll be announcing the winner of our competition to find 'the most energy-saving family in Newcastle'.
Watch this Space ends on August 26, with comedy from Matt Barnard and The Flying Buttresses.
John Roberts, head teacher at Briery Hill Primary School, said, ``If Watch This Space manages to jog just one child's mind out of long-term unemployment, then it will have all been worth it.
Watch this space because next week Liz Trainor, another tough talking columnist, will tell it to you as it is.
Watch this space for news of how we're joining forces for a Christmas TV special.
Almost 180 pupils from both primary and secondary schools in the area set out yesterday in the project called Watch This Space, a new initiative developed by Business in the Community with financial support from Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council and Education Extra.
The event was organised this week to mark Watch This Space Day, which helps to promote links between schools and local businesses.
Watch this space, as we'll soon be publishing a full rundown of how your players scored and the name of the winner of our super pounds 25,000 top prize, plus the winner of the pounds 5,000 runner-up prize.
Well we'll soon find out as next week I'll give it a go on my own car to see if it really can do what the manufacturer claims - so watch this space.
The company's Jane Wordsall added: "If this proves a success, we will develop silent packs for use in places such as theatres and cinemas, so watch this space.
Watch this space and see what our Scottish Executive makes of it.