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culture vulture

Someone who has an avid interest in the arts. Helen is quite the culture vulture. She attends the theater at least once a month.
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culture vulture

someone whom one considers to be excessively interested in the (classical) arts. She won't go to a funny film. She's a real culture vulture. They watch only highbrow television. They're culture vultures.
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a culture vulture

someone who is very keen to see and experience art, theatre, literature, music etc. She's a bit of a culture vulture. She'll only visit places that have at least one art gallery.
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culture vulture

An individual with a consuming or excessive interest in the arts. For example, A relentless culture vulture, she dragged her children to every museum in town. This slangy term may have been originated by Ogden Nash, who wrote: "There is a vulture Who circles above The carcass of culture" ( Free Wheeling, 1931). [1940s]
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1. n. an avid supporter of the arts. Many culture-vultures seem to be long on enthusiasm and short on taste.
2. n. someone who exploits the arts for monetary gain. Some culture-vultures are throwing a wine and cheese party on behalf of some of the young dolts they have grubstaked.
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The centre's Craig Wesson explained: "Black vultures normally pair for life and although Barry and Vanessa have lived together for many years, they were never really a pair.
He said that the absence of vultures can lead to the rise in rabies and other diseases which have been eliminated after a long struggle by the governments.
While others might just consider them gross, people like Louise Shimmel regard vultures as grossly misunderstood.
All 25 vultures born this year have survived and all of them have completed their first flight, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of the Birds informs.
Vultures, feeding stations and sanitary legislation: a conflict and its consequences from the perspective of conservation biology.
We genetically analyzed influenza A (H5N1) viruses from Burkina Faso poultry and the first gene sequences obtained from African wild birds, hooded vultures (Necrosyrtes monachus).
The slender-billed vulture is one of several vulture species in Asia that have been driven to the brink of extinction across its entire range due to diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug used for cattle that is highly toxic to vultures.
Asian vultures have declined by between 97% and 99% and scientists did not expect the birds to breed in captivity until at least 2008.
Deaths of two other birds--a Eurasian black vulture, which was the only bird in the study treated with ibuprofen, and one of Africa's lappet-faced vultures, the only bird that got phenylbutazone--caused the researchers to call for more investigation.
GRIFFITH PARK - The Cape Griffon vultures spread their wings, craned their necks and groaned before a tumbling cascade of ground meat and dead rats.
The 'Animals: Desert' series focuses on desert creatures with the same bilingual format/age range reached for Gila Monsters (083-6848276) and its Spanish bilingual Mostruos De Gila (0836848411), Vultures (0836848314) and its bilingual sister Vultures/Buitres (0836848454) and Rattlesnakes/Serpientes De Cascabel (0836848-438).
The Raptor Almanac: A Comprehensive Guide To Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, And Vultures is a comprehensive reference to over three hundred species of diurnal birds of prey around the world, from hawks and eagles to vultures: any birder who wants more than the basic identification handbook should consider this a 'must' Author Scott Weidensaul is a lifelong raptor enthusiast and licensed bird-bander specializing in birds of prey: his title covers everything from raptor evolution and behavior to migration and environmental threats.
Increasing populations of turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) and black vultures (Coragyps atratus) cause concerns for human health and safety in areas where large roosting concentrations occur.
Hlane reportedly has the largest density of tree-nesting vultures in all of Southern Africa.
Turkey vultures mainly inhabit North and South America.