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broken vessel

Someone who is or feels completely destroyed, hollow, forsaken, or inadequate. Taken from the biblical symbolism of a person being a vessel into which God fills divine wisdom and grace. I have no one who cares about me, and I have no job or prospects. I'm feeling like a broken vessel these days.
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weaker vessel

A woman. The phrase comes from the New Testament. I don't care if you think I'm just a weaker vessel—I've trained to fight on the front lines.
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burst a blood vessel

1. To put forth great effort towards some goal or end. Annabelle practically burst a blood vessel cleaning the whole house and setting up all the guest rooms for you guys, and you don't even appreciate it!
2. To become angry and begin yelling. The boss burst a blood vessel when he heard that the printer still hadn't finished our order.
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Empty vessels make the most sound.

Prov. Foolish people make the most noise. I suspect Amy is not very smart. She chatters constantly, and as they say, empty vessels make the most sound.
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burst/bust a blood vessel

1. to use a lot of effort doing something I'd like the designs as soon as possible, but don't bust a blood vessel!
2. to become very angry and start shouting He nearly burst a blood vessel when he heard what they'd done to his car.
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Empty vessels make (the) most noise/sound.

something that you say which means that people who talk a lot and frequently express their opinions are often stupid David talks as if he's an expert on everything, but empty vessels make most noise.
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References in classic literature ?
After making her fast, they swarmed the sides and searched the vessel from stem to stern.
He then returned to the captain, said a few words to him, and as if from that moment the vessel was under his command, he ordered a maneuver which the crew executed immediately.
At this last command all the sails were lowered, and the vessel moved almost imperceptibly onwards.
But though it was now an old story, and the most aged people had almost forgotten that such a vessel had been wrecked, William Phips resolved that the sunken treasure should again be brought to light.
We had approached within a mile and a half perhaps of this foot of the bay, when some of the islanders, who by this time had managed to scramble aboard of us at the risk of swamping their canoes, directed our attention to a singular commotion in the water ahead of the vessel.
And for no purpose," said De Wardes, "for with the wind in your teeth, as it will be, you will never reach the vessels.
This circumstance had suggested to him the idea of supplying the Russian establishment regularly by means of the annual ship that should visit the settlement at the mouth of the Columbia (or Oregon) ; by this means the casual trading vessels would be excluded from those parts of the coast where their malpractices were so injurious to the Russians.
But still the vessels continued to stand out; and he had given up all hope, when the great column of smoke, rising above the forest in one dense vertical shaft, attracted the attention of a lookout aboard the cruiser, and instantly a dozen glasses were leveled on the beach.
At the same time the Genoese sailors thrust with their oars against the side of the cog, and a rapidly widening rift appeared between the two vessels.
So a vessel was got ready, and rigged with black sails; and Theseus, with six other young men, and seven tender and beautiful damsels, came down to the harbor to embark.
With frenzied insistence I continued to press the little button which should have sent us racing out into space, but still the vessel refused to budge.
Bududreen was no mean sailor, but he was short handed, nor is it reasonable to suppose that even with a full crew he could have weathered the terrific gale which beat down upon the hapless vessel.
A violent storm arose, and with the vessel in great danger of sinking, the one in the stern inquired of the pilot which of the two ends of the ship would go down first.
next season I'll have the vessel fitted with engines.
Commiserating their position, as foreigners in a strange land, and knowing no reason for detaining them, the commander signalled for a shore boat, and the three men left the vessel.