Very good

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Very good.

1. It is good. John: How do you like your lobster? Alice: Mmm. Very good. Jane: What did you think of the movie? Fred: Very good. Jane: Is that all? Fred: Yeah.
2. Thank you for your instructions. (Typically said by someone in a serving role, such as a clerk, waiter, waitress, butler, maid, etc.) Waiter: What are you drinking, madam? Sue: It's just soda. No more, thanks. Waiter: Very good. Mary: Would you charge this to my account? Clerk: Very good.
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References in classic literature ?
I begin to have a very good opinion of your understanding.
With all my heart," said he, and going into his own room he brought out an old valise secured with a little chain, on opening which the curate found in it three large books and some manuscripts written in a very good hand.
Nay," said the barber, "I can do just as well to carry them to the yard or to the hearth, and there is a very good fire there.
TT: I can remember my very first season at Ole Miss, we won our third or fourth game of the season against a very good Georgia team when we weren't a very good team.
Consumers were asked: "In general, how would you rate the overall quality of manufactured goods produced in (country) -- excellent, very good, good, only fair, or poor?