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cite (something) chapter and verse

To recite all the facts or details of something. Likened to quoting scripture by citing the exact chapter and verse where it appears. Ask Stan if you need to be updated on the case—he can cite it chapter and verse.
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chapter and verse

In thorough and exact detail. Likened to the ability to quote a passage of scripture by citing the exact chapter and verse where it appears. If you need to be updated on the case, ask Stan—he can cite it chapter and verse. I know the manual chapter and verse. Which part are you looking for?
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give chapter and verse

To provide full, specific, and authoritative information to support some quote, question, or issue at hand. Can also be used with similar verbs such as "offer," "cite," quote," etc. It is a reference to quoting scripture. Don't try to debate Sarah about physics. She'll give chapter and verse until you realize she's right. You can't be so vague if you want to convince me. You'll have to give chapter and verse.
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chapter and verse

Fig. very specifically detailed, in reference to sources of information. (A reference to the method of referring to biblical text.) He gave chapter and verse for his reasons for disputing that Shakespeare had written the play. The suspect gave chapter and verse of his associate's activities.
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chapter and verse

The precise authority backing up a statement or view; established rules for or detailed information about something. For example, You can't withdraw a card after you've played it; I'll cite you the rules, chapter and verse . The term alludes to the chapter and verse of a quotation from the Bible, long regarded as an ultimate authority. [Early 1600s]
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chapter and verse

If you give someone chapter and verse on a subject, you tell them all the details of it, without missing anything out. It gives chapter and verse on how to select a product. When we expressed doubts they handed us the proof, chapter and verse. Note: This expression refers to the practice of giving precise chapter and verse numbers when quoting passages from the Bible.
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chapter and verse

an exact reference or authority.
Chapter and verse was originally used to refer to the numbering of passages in the Bible. It is now also used more generally to refer to any (usually written) authority for something.
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ˌchapter and ˈverse

the exact details of something, especially the exact place where particular information may be found: I can’t give you chapter and verse, but I can tell you that the lines she quoted come from a Brecht play.This originally referred to books of the Bible, which are divided into chapters with numbered divisions called verses.
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verse in

To familiarize someone with something by study or experience. Used chiefly in the passive or with a reflexive: She is versed in physics. He has versed himself in the art of fencing. The music teacher will verse the students in keeping time to a beat.
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chapter and verse

mod. in the finest detail. (From the chapter and verse organization of the Bible.) He could recite the law concerning state-funded libraries, chapter and verse.
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The poor schoolmaster was so open-hearted, and so little versed in the most ordinary cunning or deceit, that she could not have failed to succeed in the first five minutes, but that he happened to be unacquainted with what she wished to know; and so he told her.
Finally some of the lawyers more versed in psychology admitted that it was possible he had really not looked into the purse, and so didn't know what was in it when he hid it under the stone.
This protection, which gives VERSED exclusivity through June 2000, was granted in recognition of the studies conducted for VERSED SYRUP, a pediatric formulation which helps alleviate a child's anxiety before a diagnostic or therapeutic medical procedure or before the induction of general anesthesia.
VERSED is one of the first pharmaceutical products to receive the additional exclusivity under pediatric legislation incorporated into the FDA Modernization Act.
With the FDA approval of a pediatric indication for VERSED last March, and the recent approval of the new VERSED SYRUP, we have taken steps to significantly reduce the fear and anxiety children face before undergoing a medical procedure.
The extension stems from the development and recent FDA approval of VERSED SYRUP.
International pharmaceutical and health care company, F H Faulding & Co Limited (Faulding), today announced that its US subsidiary, Faulding Pharmaceutical Co, part of the Faulding Hospital Pharmaceuticals division, has received tentative approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for midazolam injection, its proposed generic version of Versed (R).
This new formulation of VERSED (midazolam HCl) Injection is indicated to help alleviate anxiety before a diagnostic or therapeutic medical procedure, or before the induction of general anesthesia, and also is proven to reduce a patient's ability to recall events that occurred during the period of sedation.
The new VERSED formulation is the only palatable, non-narcotic, short-acting sedative available for children.
In clinical studies involving more than 480 patients, VERSED SYRUP was shown to be a safe and effective sedative.
Before the FDA approval of VERSED SYRUP, some physicians prepared their own "cocktail" sedatives.