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a variation on the theme of (something)

A different or unique way of doing, saying, or presenting something that has been done in the past. The new restaurant offers a variation on the theme of the roadside diner, giving patrons haute-cuisine interpretations of greasy spoon staples. When asked why, his answer was a variation on the them of "bigger is better." The anthology series presents variations on the themes of classic genre tropes, such as westerns, Gothic thrillers, rom-coms, and even old cheesy B movies.
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variations on the theme of something

different ways of doing or saying the same thing: Her new book of short stories offers variations on the theme of man’s desire to succeed.
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The researchers were able to detect APC variations in 41 of the 80 samples.
Liebermann has a remarkable gift for texture, and can cast a haunting and hypnotic spell (the creeping eighth note counterpoint in variation V or the sense of suspension created in variation VII), generate breathless excitement (the parallel sixteenth note runs in variation III marked Presto), or convey an easy-going romp (the bi-tonal stride piano-style of variation VI).
Beethoven returned 33 variations and Paul Lewis, one of our greatest exponents of 19th century piano music, here turns in an account which puts them on the same justifiable level as Beethoven's late piano sonatas - and these variations come several years later.
Ballet, character, pointe, partnering, men's classes, variations, modern, flamenco, music, dance composition and feature workshops.
For instance, the section on chorale variations includes the form-defining works of Buxtehude and Bach, but also discusses Mendelssohn's Organ Sonatas, op.
Although there seemed to be a minor effect on dry compression and minor variations in friability, there appeared to be little significant effect between sand samples mixed with the various water samples.
One of these approaches has focused on testing the nonsynonymous (potentially functional) variations in coding sequences (Botstein and Risch 2003; Collins et al.
Increased awareness of colony variation and the possible occurrence of SCVs as a characteristic feature of S.
An improper barrel-temperature profile can also cause surging, but a melt pump won't solve this problem, which will be reflected in viscosity variations and thus uneven gauge in both MD and TD.
To manage and reduce variation, the variation must be traced back to its source.
For example, Noah Rosenberg of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and his colleagues published a study in 2002 that analyzed the number and type of microsatellite variations in the DNA of 1,056 people from 52 populations around the world.
The instabilities show up as head variation with a 6-20 second period, and they occur whether there is any fiber in the system or not.
Anatomic variations of the infraorbital nerve may increase the risk of iatrogenic injury during surgery of the midface, paranasal sinuses, and maxillofacial skeleton.
The accompanying variations are specifically designed to teach different components of man-to-man defense.
In this case, variations in elasticity greatly affected mixing characteristics.