Good-bye for now

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Good-bye for now.

 and (Good-bye) until next time.; Till next time.; Bye for now.; Till we meet again.; Until we meet again.
Good-bye, I'll see you soon.; Good-bye, I'll see you next time. (Often said by the host at the end of a radio or television program.) Alice: See you later. Good-bye for now. John: Bye, Alice. Mary: See you later. Bob: Good-bye for now. The host of the talk show always closed by saying, "Good-bye until next time. This is Wally Off, Slgning off."
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After finishing fourth but well ahead of the pack, political newcomer Mark Hershey cannot wait until next time.
Geez, I ran out of room just writing about some killer live stuff and have already gotten a ton of great records and other stuff to review, but I guess that'll have to wait until next time .
But for now, and until next time, apik has left the building.
Duty has been done, and he can forget about it until next time.
They sliced air, and I evaporated, until next time, into the walls.
Until next time, may God bless you, and may God continue to bless our great nation.
Until next time let me leave you with this thought: It's what people don't know about each other that makes them such good friends.
Different people same old rubbish, and you won't see another politician in the North East until next time they want your vote.
Until next time, wish me luck on the NCLEX and the new job.
Sadly I had forgotten to bring my walking shoes with me, and so the walk had to be postponed until next time.
But, despite some hopeful gesturing at the side of the stage, the encore was denied and Glasgow will have to wait until next time for another tune.
When we bought a new car a few months back, we strongly considered buying a Prius, but between the price of the car and the battery life still leaving a lot of room for improvement, we decided to hold off until next time when we hope the selection of hybrids getting extremely high mileage will be greater and competition and technical advances in, and mass production of lithium-ion batteries will bring the prices down.
He continued, saying "What we're most excited about is the way that this title ushers in the concept of 'bus stop' gaming: A title you can play for as little or as long as you like to get your gaming fix, and then put things on hold until next time.