until then

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(Good-bye) until then.

 and (Good-bye) till then.; (Good-bye) till later.; (Good-bye) until later.
Good-bye until sometime in the future. Sally: See you tomorrow. Good-bye until then. Sue: Sure thing. See you. Mary: See you later. Bob: Until later. The announcer always ended by saying, "Be with us again next week at this time. Good-bye until then."
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The Prime Time star said: "As you all know, I've been privileged to be filling in for John for the past while and I'll continue to do so until later in the year.
He said the defendant had "swept it all up" and had not realised he had Mr Hussain's phone until later.
We're appealing to gardeners, farmers and councils not to cut hedges until later in the winter or very early spring when all the berries and fruit have been eaten.
The case was adjourned until later when the second opinion report is ready.
We don't have to decide until later in the week whether we do or don't run.
until later in '06, after the oil industry gets its act together and produces the low-sulfur diesel needed to comply with the new technology, Mercedes has high hopes the E320 BLUETEC will build on the success of the last generation E320 CDI, which surpassed every sales target as more than 4,500 units were sold during first year of its return to the U.
What had happened to us didn't sink in until later, the following morning, when we returned," Peeples remembered.
Manager Anne Craven said: "Unfortunately, he will have to wait until later this year until we can get him another
The story of Jin-Han and his family (a little sister comes along eventually) is told in whimsical vignettes, many of which are amusing tales of family life, until later, when Jin-Han is a teenager and his mother is stricken with cancer and dies.
University researchers who qualified for government assistance may be left in the lurch until later this year, following the abrupt cancellation of an Ontario government research infrastructure support program.
Their opening National Division One game at Bedford next week has been postponed until later in the season.
So don't try to put off until later what you should be doing now.
Some readers were particularly annoyed that the new listings stopped at around 1pm for the next day's television programmes, which meant those readers who do not get their paper until later in the day did not know what was on the box in the afternoon.
Corporal Prescott did not learn until later that the engine had been on a collision course with another train parked on the same track in a downtown Nampa rail yard.