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uno ab alto

A slogan of the US Air Force. This Latin phrase translates to "one from on high." Since its inception, the Air Force has used a variety of slogans, including "uno ab alto."
See also: uno

take care of number one

 and take care of numero uno
to take care of oneself. Mike, like everybody else, is most concerned with taking care of number one. If you don't take care of numero uno, who will?
See also: care, number, of, one, take

take care of (or look after) number one

be selfishly absorbed in protecting your own person and interests. informal
See also: care, number, of, one, take

numero uno

(ˈnumɚo ˈuno)
1. n. number one; the best. (see also number one.) This coffee is numero uno in my book.
2. n. oneself; number one. I always look out for numero uno.
See also: numero, uno

take care of number one

and take care of numero uno
tv. to take care of oneself. (see also number one, numero uno.) Arthur, like everybody else, is most concerned with taking care of number one.
See also: care, number, of, one, take

take care of numero uno

See also: care, numero, of, take, uno
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Y entonces, ahi se rieron, se miraron, de lo que yo les decia, dijo que por que; "porque uno esta entre la espada y la pared, si llegan los unos, uno tiene que responderle y si llegan los otros pues lo mismo.
Recostado, mientras una doctora va y viene entre los agentes, el policia senalo: "Nos agarraron diez a cada uno, nos llevaron al auditorio (del pueblo) y nos quitaron identificaciones, celulares, todo .
The UNOS transplant waiting list has topped 90,000 people for the first time.
Practicamente toda categoria de compraventa entre negocios que uno pueda imaginar ofrece grandes oportunidades.
Fiat's Turin HQ told investigators the traces corresponded to a white paint known as Bianco-Corfu, used on Uno models made between 1983 and August 1989.
Police hope finding the Uno will tell them why Diana's drunk, drugged and speeding driver Henri Paul lost control in the Tunnel de l'Alma.
I think it speaks to the culture that runs throughout the UNOS organization--its leadership and its staff--about their willingness to do what is necessary to meet the financial crisis.
Uno no puede nombrar presidente de su empresa a alguien porque sea tu amigo p tu hermano.
McDiarmid, UNOS president and a pediatric liver transplant specialist at UCLA Medical Center, in a Los Angeles Times article.
A unos 80 kilometros, en Santos, se alza el cementerio mas alto del mundo, un complejo de 14 pisos de sepulcros que, cuando este terminado, tendra 32 pisos.
UNOS announced earlier this month that it has signed an agreement with Send Word Now, an emergency notification and incident management service, to collaboratively build and deliver electronic notifications of available organs between the transplant and organ procurement communities.
Eight upazilas among 12 in Tangail have female UNOs who are successfully spearheading all sorts of development activities in the district.
The University of Nebraskas Peter Kiewit Institute and UNOs Mammel Hall and Scott Village student housing stands on land originally purchased by First Data from the Ak-Sar-Ben Trust in the mid-1990s and donated to UNO.
Brian has the vision and experience that the Board was looking to move UNOS into a new era of service to transplant professionals and the patients we serve," said Kenneth Andreoni, MD, President of the UNOS Board of Directors.