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uno ab alto

A slogan of the US Air Force. This Latin phrase translates to "one from on high." Since its inception, the Air Force has used a variety of slogans, including "uno ab alto."
See also: uno

take care of number one

 and take care of numero uno
to take care of oneself. Mike, like everybody else, is most concerned with taking care of number one. If you don't take care of numero uno, who will?
See also: care, number, of, one, take

take care of (or look after) number one

be selfishly absorbed in protecting your own person and interests. informal
See also: care, number, of, one, take

numero uno

(ˈnumɚo ˈuno)
1. n. number one; the best. (see also number one.) This coffee is numero uno in my book.
2. n. oneself; number one. I always look out for numero uno.
See also: numero, uno

take care of number one

and take care of numero uno
tv. to take care of oneself. (see also number one, numero uno.) Arthur, like everybody else, is most concerned with taking care of number one.
See also: care, number, of, one, take

take care of numero uno

See also: care, numero, of, take, uno
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Pero la verdad es que la gente tambien, ellos confian mucho en uno (20) y uno tambien les hace ver de que uno tiene que andar pues con la presencia de Dios porque ?
More than a place to go for good coffee and good internet, Calle Uno must be seen as the place for good opportunity,' he insists.
Bob Tezak earned millions from Uno and with his riches he acquired a fleet of cars, a riverside mansion in Joliet and another in Arizona, a private plane.
Mae Mike Parker yn nodi mewn pol y posibilrwydd o uno gogledd Ceredigion i greu sir y Canolbarth, gyda Meirionnydd a Phowys, lle byddai rhannau o Ddyffryn Teifi yn uno gyda Sir Benfro.
Aqui uno no expresa en efecto ni P, ni NP, sino solamente S y a pesar de esto, uno habla en un sentido verdadero, es decir, racional (sinn-voll) (2).
UNO fundamentally understands citizenship education as a project of assimilation and Americanization.
Foulkes had said she did not know Uno was of a banned breed.
The original Uno was a huge success and was manufactured in India, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Pakistan and by Nissan in South Africa as well as in its native Italy.
Y no porque se trate de un territorio ignoto: uno sabe perfectamente que toda la humanidad ha transitado por ese camino; pero en el atractivo del suceso universal reside nuestra expectativa, la expectativa de tener en el sensaciones propias.
Steinberg adopted Uno in 1990 from two women in Valencia who were opening a day care center and could only keep a few dogs.
Se van recolectando uno a uno los cadaveres de las pequenas esperanzas que nos lanzaron a la calle y se cae en la cuenta que hemos perdido mas que el tiempo.
Resumen: En esta nota argumento en contra de la idea, defendida por Ortiz-Millan, de que podemos hablar de moralidad en relacion con uno mismo.
THE 2000 Breeders' Cup Juvenile winner Macho Uno was represented by his first winner when Swifty Victress won a 5f race at Evangeline Downs on Friday night.
Takamitsu Uno from Japan and Fatima M'sahi from Morocco are here as part of the Fulbright Program, which was set up by U.
KHS Information Management (IM) manager Ron Uno has been with Kuakini for 25 years, starting as a programmer and becoming IM manager five years ago.