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uno ab alto

A slogan of the US Air Force. This Latin phrase translates to "one from on high." Since its inception, the Air Force has used a variety of slogans, including "uno ab alto."
See also: uno

take care of number one

 and take care of numero uno
to take care of oneself. Mike, like everybody else, is most concerned with taking care of number one. If you don't take care of numero uno, who will?
See also: care, number, of, one, take

take care of (or look after) number one

be selfishly absorbed in protecting your own person and interests. informal
See also: care, number, of, one, take

numero uno

(ˈnumɚo ˈuno)
1. n. number one; the best. (see also number one.) This coffee is numero uno in my book.
2. n. oneself; number one. I always look out for numero uno.
See also: numero, uno

take care of number one

and take care of numero uno
tv. to take care of oneself. (see also number one, numero uno.) Arthur, like everybody else, is most concerned with taking care of number one.
See also: care, number, of, one, take

take care of numero uno

See also: care, numero, of, take, uno
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