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Master of the Universe

1. Literally, the supreme being; God. One must always keep in mind the designs and desires of the Master of the Universe if one wishes to enter into heaven in the afterlife.
2. By extension, an extremely powerful, successful, or wealthy person, especially someone working on Wall Street in the US financial sector. John liked to think of himself as a self-styled Master of the Universe after earning his first million playing the stock market.
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armpit of the universe

A very dirty, foul, or extremely unappealing place. You definitely live in the armpit of the universe—all you can see from your apartment are oil tankers and smoke stacks! I'm sorry, but if the roach problem at his apartment is that bad, he's living in the armpit of the universe.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe

The official fictional universe that is shared by Marvel Studios media about the characters from Marvel Comics, starting with the 2008 film Iron Man and encompassing other superhero characters such as Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, and the Hulk. It includes feature films, TV shows, comic books, short films, and digital series. Geez, how many movies coming out this year are set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
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One puzzle concerns how a false vacuum functions to drive inflation and allow the entire observed universe to evolve from a very small initial mass.
The other three naturalistic explanations that attempt to make sense of the sheer unlikelihood that a life-permitting universe would come about spontaneously (without being designed by an intelligent being) postulate that countless universes--a multiverse --exist and that the extremely large number of universes makes it likely that a life-friendly universe would come about.
In Figure 2, we have only plotted three child universes and did not plot the sister universes.
String theory has frequently been used to support a counterargument against the design claim--that multiple universes may exist, each with its own set of constants, and of these at least one happens to be suitable for life.
Even the landscape of possible universes, although it has alarmed some leaders of string physics, might be good thing, argues Leonard Susskind of Stanford University, one of string theory's founders.
Evolution" simply mean "change", but the theory of evolution is concerned with particular changes, especially the beginning of the universe, the beginning of life, the change of one species of life into another, and the beginning of the human race.
Sober scientists at the Princeton conference speculated that our universe could be surrounded by an infinite number of other universes, which are multiplying like soap bubbles.
NEW YORK -- The Bank of New York, a global leader in securities servicing, has begun offering the Trust Universe Comparison Service (TUCS) to its clients through INFORM, the company's Internet-based information delivery and transaction platform for institutional and corporate clients.
Between us and these other universes lies absolute nothingness, in the exact sense--no space or time, no matter, no energy.
So, what I hope is that people who come through, rather than accumulating book knowledge by memorizing tables and facts, will get an impression of what it was like to observe the heavens [at a particular moment in history], what the problems were facing the observers, and how [they went] from asking one set of questions about the universe to the next.
The new KALIDO Universe Manager for Business Objects dramatically enhances the combined solution that KALIDO and Business Objects provides to enable the rapid construction of an enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence infrastructure that responds quickly to change.
Stringing together a new theory for the origin of the universe
Stenger does not plan out the universes that he creates; he has allowed particle masses and force strengths to vary randomly, many orders of magnitude different from the levels observed in nature.
Learning Universes' focus on education will also be found in The Learning Universe Expo, a forum for BMC Software and its partners to display products and services and share information.
In a version of quintessence proposed by Albrecht and his University of California, Davis colleague Constantinos Skordis, the repulsive force may come from other, unseen dimensions or even from other universes beyond our own.
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