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It was slowly starting to leave the friendzone and venture into uncharted waters.
Summary: Lebanon's relations with Russia have always been fairly warm, even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and in that time those ties have sailed through uncharted waters, sometimes hitting port and at other times failing to do so.
Russia warned on Wednesday that new US sanctionsagainst Moscow approved by the House of Representatives take already battered ties into uncharted waters and said it was close to taking retaliatory measures of its own.
Steve Grant, group managing director of TTE, said: "With the UK's economy and industry entering uncharted waters as the country starts its journey towards exiting the European Union, it has never been more vital for British businesses to remain competitive and productive.
Cumulus Media 's stock continued to dip into uncharted waters on Monday, as investors sold their shares in the nation's No.
Brexit Britain really is taking us into uncharted waters.
We're in uncharted waters, which make earnings harder than usual to predict.
If you need help navigating the uncharted waters of value-based care and how population health outreach can contribute to provider reimbursements for healthy outcomes, you are not alone.
International contributors in American studies, cultural studies, history, and human geography set sail on uncharted waters, employing subnational and transnational perspectives to question the ideological baggage of classical mobility narratives in American history, literature, and popular culture.
Like all systems, this was an evolution of the excise system by FBR, as it embraced a new formula, and tested uncharted waters.
The internet is again heading for uncharted waters, and this time the seas are looking rough.
For safe navigation in uncharted waters these vessels will be equipped with navigation sonar.
Giant Highlander Gary Cornish will enter uncharted waters on Friday night when he becomes the first ever Scot to fight for a heavyweight title at British championship level.
These are uncharted waters for a rookie Super Bowl coach," said the 49-year-old, whose brother John is the head coach of the Ravens.
Frankel, who goes into the uncharted waters of a mile and a quarter in the pounds 725,000 feature, returned to his usual work regime on the Limekilns in Newmarket at the weekend following his latest devastating dismissal of Farhh at 1-20 in the vvContinues page 2