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n. someone who uses strong persuasion. I hate to seem like an arm-twister, but I really need your help on this project.


and brain-teaser
n. a puzzle, especially one that requires thinking. Can you help me with this brain-teaser? I can spend my whole vacation doing brain-twisters.


1. n. a key. (Underworld.) Marlon snatched the jailer’s twisters and waited until midnight to try something.
2. n. a tornado. A twister touched down yesterday at an isolated farm seventy miles north of Adamsville.
3. n. a drunken spree. (see also bender.) Harry’s off on a twister again.
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Overall, the Twisters are making a name for themselves for versatility, whether you want to use them for standard headphones or Bluetooth speaker mode, for only $59.
The Smart Cutter follows up after the Twister, using its grinding panels to smooth openings to a quality finish.
The Twisters invited the media for a press conference to point out the mistake and to publicly apologize to Swinton and Carter.
But last fall's tornadoes show that terrible twisters can form anywhere--sometimes even developing from a completely different type of thunderstorm.
One feature that sets the Toro Twister apart from the competition is the unrivaled suspension system.
As increasing media coverage makes travelers and residents of suburbs and exurbs more weather-aware, they are more likely to report twisters.
Although a single twister can cause considerable damage, its impact is usually moderate--at least when compared to hurricane and earthquake damage, says a report by Swiss Reinsurance Co.
Added to that, a twister swept over the Lleyn Peninsula.
The Twisters have announced the return of coach Chris Siegfried, who guided the Twisters to their best record under a first-year coach last year and a home-field game in the league playoffs.
But the largest of Monday's twisters, the one that ravaged south of Oklahoma City, was reportedly on the ground for four hours.
Bedard and his colleagues plan to explore the mechanism behind tornado sounds, using small-scale twisters generated in a laboratory water tank.
Most of the Arkansas Twisters in recent years have had to juggle a full-time job with indoor practice, since the pay scale for arenafootball2 is miniscule at best--$200 for playing each game, $250 if the player plays and his team wins.
At one point in the deadly evening, three separate twisters at least a half-mile wide were on the ground simultaneously across the state.
The condition is now ripe for sizzling lightning, hailstones--and coiled, deadly twisters.
SONAR-enhanced twisters now monitor the secondary link to prevent the unnecessary switching of traffic to the secondary path during periods of light network traffic.