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n. someone who uses strong persuasion. I hate to seem like an arm-twister, but I really need your help on this project.


and brain-teaser
n. a puzzle, especially one that requires thinking. Can you help me with this brain-teaser? I can spend my whole vacation doing brain-twisters.


1. n. a key. (Underworld.) Marlon snatched the jailer’s twisters and waited until midnight to try something.
2. n. a tornado. A twister touched down yesterday at an isolated farm seventy miles north of Adamsville.
3. n. a drunken spree. (see also bender.) Harry’s off on a twister again.
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The man who took this photo said he was on his way to Hartlepool cricket club when he spotted the twister at around noon.
The dry spell being experienced in North Cotabato and land topography contribute to the twister occurrences, said a meteorologist assigned to the Cotabato City station of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa).
Customizable Picote Cutting System packages allow users to select the combination of Smart Cutter, Twister, Cyclone or Original Chain Flails, and Miller products they need for their typical jobs without requiring them to purchase the complete product line.
Architect Peter Stasek was inspired by the twister, to create a central frame that could support the exhibition of latest light trends, technologies and light designs within the space, yet at the same time the design could not overshadow the lighting objects being exhibited.
Jim Everetts and Jim Smith took ownership of the Twisters on Nov.
The Twisters beat the Moreno Valley Dodgers 15-0 in the final behind a no-hitter by pitcher Robert Almendariz, who also hit four home runs in the tournament.
Twisters are home to the strongest winds on the face of the planet (SN: 5/15/99, p.
that gets the greatest number of twisters each year (see map).
But during the last four years, he noted, better technology has yielded better data on twisters.
Met Office expert Peter Stewart said twisters were caused by warm and moist conditions coupled withheavy cloud sucking up the air.
Tropicana, maker of the highly successful Twister line, as well as orange, apple and grapefruit juice, recently expanded its offerings with the introduction of three fruit-flavored iced teas.
Seeing the Twisters in flight truly is an unforgettable experience, and their incredible stunts really do need to be seen to be believed.
15 that it was suspending the 2009 season because of uncertainty in the financial sector, those plans for the indoor sport's major level will not interfere with Arena Football 2 or the Arkansas Twisters, the team's president said.