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fall off the turnip truck

To be gullible, naïve, or unsophisticated. The subject is often a person from a rural or rustic background. Mary has no idea about how to act in polite society, always behaving as if she just fell off the turnip truck.
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just fell off the turnip truck

Rur. ignorant; unsophisticated. He stood there gawking at the buildings in town like he just fell off the turnip truck. My cousin acts like she just fell off the turnip truck.
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You cannot get blood from a stone.

 and You cannot get blood from a turnip.
Prov. You cannot get help from an uncharitable person or money from someone who has none. Jerry and James spent two hours trying to convince the old miser to contribute to the children's hospital; finally, James turned to Jerry and said in disgust, "This is hopeless. We can't get blood from a stone." The government can't increase taxes any furthernobody has the money! You can't get blood from a turnip.
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A helpful strategy for including turnips at the novice's table is to pair it with a fellow root veggie.
Cath Homer: Those turnips were really | hard to carve
purple-top or Tokyo turnips (see page 86), peeled and trimmed 6 green onions, divided 1 tsp.
While "talking turnips" with Dave Beresford, he pointed out how wonderful it was that turnips have such beauty and care in their creation in spite of growing hidden in the ground.
Turnips must be the easiest and most rewarding root crop to grow.
GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT - Turnips No haggis feast would be complete without 'neeps and tatties', which may prompt you to grow your own turnips in the new year.
com A real autumn and winter vegetable, turnips are at their best right now.
Phenolic compounds with antioxidant destroying free radicals and inhibiting their actions, they will neutralize the potassium in fat turnips and arsenic that are directly involved in the formation of red blood cells and white.
If you are doing a sitting down job like shelling beans or grating turnips for kraut, keep your feet in a dishpan of cold water.
hey grow pumpkins, onions, leeks, carrots, turnips and more then turn them into the freshest of seasonal pub grub at the Ty Mawr Arms in Lisvane.
SUMMER turnips are really useful catch crops, ideally grown in spaces between slower-growing veg which will need more space later on in the year.
Preferred hosts are turnips, mustard, radish, watercress, and Chinese cabbage, while less preferred hosts include cabbage and cauliflower (Chamberlin & Tippins 1949; Ameen & Story 1997b).
By late November, the turnips had ripened to the point the deer could not eat the tops fast enough.
That said, given that 90% of a turnip is water it is hard to believe the claim made for it in a 16th century guide to healthy eating that turnips were not only nourishing, they "augmenteth the sede of man, provoketh carnall lust".
This next recipe is ideal with young autumn turnips.