Turnabout is fair play

Turnabout is fair play.

Prov. It is fair for one to suffer whatever one has caused others to suffer. So, you don't like being made fun of! Well, turnabout is fair play.
See also: fair, play

Turnabout is fair play.

something that you say which means you will do something that someone else has done because this is fair You cook dinner tonight, I cooked last night. Turnabout is fair play.
See also: fair, play

turnabout is fair play

Taking alternate or successive turns at doing something is just and equitable. For example, Come on, I want to sit in the front seat now-turnabout is fair play. This justification for taking turns was first recorded in 1755.
See also: fair, play
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Turnabout is fair play -- After six years of Democrats blaming every problem we have on President George W.
If turnabout is fair play, we at TCS offer you a rogues' gallery of the worst demagogues on the issue of job outsourcing, those who would sacrifice the health of the American economy to political expedience, ratings or some other reason.
When it comes to propaganda, it appears that turnabout is fair play.
Turnabout is fair play for Mikron Woodworking Machinery Inc.
Deciding that turnabout is fair play, members will also urge local authorities to impose more stringent laboratory controls and inspection measures on all commodities, particularly food and feed imported from the EU--and call for destruction of any food products from the EU that test positive for the two antibiotics.
Turnabout is fair play, so the amorous man is forced to flee a newly aggressive Tea woman at the conclusion of his variation.
For the New Zone Gallery, it appears turnabout is fair play.
So, if turnabout is fair play, the Midsummer Night Music Festival is ARC's chance to invite the public into its house to say thanks.
VALENCIA - Turnabout is fair play in a new production staged by Valencia's California Institute of the Arts within the massive factory spaces of the Brewery Arts Complex in downtown Los Angeles.
Turnabout is fair play for Hunt, who appears in the May 13 season finale of ``Ellen.
Now, Anne Heche may discover if turnabout is fair play.