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Trojan horse

1. Something that initially seems innocuous but is ultimately bad or malicious. A reference to the myth in which Ancient Greek soldiers hid inside a giant wooden horse in order to gain access to the city of Troy. That personable new hire turned out to be a Trojan horse—she stole our intellectual property and sold it to the competitor!
2. A computer program that appears to be useful or harmless but secretly installs malicious code or software onto the infected computer. We have malware on our computer because that game you downloaded turned out to be a Trojan horse.
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work like a beaver

 and work like a mule; work like a horse; work like a slave
Fig. to work very hard. She has an important deadline coming up, so she's been working like a beaver. You need a vacation. You work like a slave in that kitchen. I'm too old to work like a horse. I'd prefer to relax more.
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a Trojan horse

someone or something that attacks the group or organization it belongs to
Usage notes: In Greek stories, the Trojan horse was a large wooden horse that the Greeks used to take soldiers secretly into the city of Troy in order to destroy it.
Traditional Labour supporters have accused the new leadership of being a Trojan horse trying to destroy the party from within.
See work like a dog
See also: horse, Trojan

work like a dog/trojan

to work very hard He worked like a dog all day to finish the wallpapering.
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work like a beaver

Also, work like a dog or horse or Trojan . Work very energetically and hard, as in She worked like a beaver to clean out all the closets, or I've been working like a dog weeding the garden, or He's very strong and works like a horse. The first of these similes is the oldest, first recorded in 1741; the variants date from the second half of the 1800s. Also see work one's fingers to the bone.
See also: beaver, like, work

trojan horse

n. a kind of malicious software that arrives at a personal computer embedded in some other software and then introduces routines that can gather personal information or destroy the operationality of the computer. The consultant called the intruder a “trojan horse” and said I needed yet another program to get rid of it.
See also: horse, Trojan
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1 shooting defense, the Trojans made nine of their first 11 shots against the No.
Detecting unknown Trojans can he done by manually reviewing each incoming executable; yet this is a tedious and time-intensive job, that can he subject to human error.
Ahead by four in the final two minutes, the Trojans got a break when Ivan Radovic went up and touched Young's desperation fall-away jumper that was coming up way short and was called for goaltending.
This new generation of Trojan horses makes it far more difficult to detect either the Controller IP address or the Trojan-infected hosts.
Cushing says the '04 Rose Bowl, a Trojans win over Michigan, helped to sell him on Pete Carroll's program.
Meaning, the best thing that could happen to the eighth-ranked Trojans in this game against third-ranked Michigan would not be a blowout victory.
Quarterback Patrick Cowan's scrambling had made it 7-0 Bruins, then it was 9-7 Trojans after a safety and a dive by C.
No team from outside of California has won a national title since water polo became an NCAA sport in 1969, and the Trojans (26-1) made it clear early that wasn't about to change this year.
Preventing the spread of Attack Trojans by signatures or pattern matching alone, as standard anti-virus engines do, is next to impossible, due to the ease of changing code settings and creating many new variants of those Attack Trojans,&uot; said David Dittrich, noted DDOS attack expert and security researcher at the University of Washington.
Pete Carroll has been saying that, contrary to the impression that these Trojans of John David Booty and Tailback by Committee are a cheap knockoff of the Leinart-Bush champs, they could be the best of the coach's USC teams.
Most of the AOL Password Trojans run under both Win 3.
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That might be the preferred topic of conversation today for the Trojans after they got their first glimpse of life without guard Gabe Pruitt.
USC fans want to know who will be the next Reggie Bush, LenDale White or Matt Leinart, with the Trojans poised to land one of the nation's top two recruiting classes today.