track record

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track record

A history of someone's or something's performance, often cited as a predictor of how they will perform in the future. The mayor brought in the new police chief because he has a strong track record of reducing crime in inner-city neighborhoods. The company had an almost perfect track record before the scandal, which made it even more shocking.
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track record

A record of actual performance or achievements, as in This applicant has an excellent track record. This term probably comes from horse racing, where it signifies the best time a horse has ever achieved at a particular track or over a particular distance. However, some believe it alludes to track and field records. Its figurative use dates from the late 1940s.
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a track record

COMMON The track record of a person, company, or product is the reputation they have, based on what they have done or how good they have been in the past. He joined the BBC as a trainee and quickly developed a track record as an inventive programme maker. Glasgow Museums and Galleries have a proven track record of attracting very large audiences. The region is known to have a poor track record in research. Note: An athlete's track record is a record of the performances he or she has achieved.
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a ˌtrack ˈrecord

all a person’s or an organization’s successes or failures in the past: In business your track record is more important than your qualifications.
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First-time funds with a track record of three years or less
Furthermore, the track record for 515 metres at Brighton is 29.
However, the CEO and board must overcome tendencies to promote based on track records.
If you think you could be the next Warren Buffett and want to manage money, the best way to prove it and to get "discovered" is by developing your own personal track record of investing at Marketocracy.
Frank suggested some REITs that have demonstrated track records include Weingarten Realty Investors, Kimco Realty Corp.
With more than 2,100 customers worldwide, Made2Manage Systems has a 20-year track record of serving nearly 30 manufacturing sectors, including industrial and commercial machinery, fabricated metals, rubber and plastics, electronics, analytical and measuring equipment, furniture and fixtures, and durable goods.
On behalf of Titan, Philip Carrozza states: "We are excited that Joseph Vaccarello, with his proven track record and experience, has decided to join Titan to manage our new Proprietary Trading Division.
Stonewood's criteria for a managed outsourcing provider included financial stability, security, a large customer base, a proven track record, reasonable pricing, and the ability to add on additional services, if needed.
His track record indicates he knows how to pick winners.
We've worked with the KMV founders before, and they have exceptional track records for delivering world-class video technology to the marketplace," said Jeff Brody.
The CDO Manager Focus product is intended to respond to this need by providing investors with full transparency on the collateral managers with respect to their experience, investment philosophy, track records, and performance on their existing CDOs," he added.
We are contracting with leading asset managers that have specialized expertise and proven track records.
They have the experience and proven track records to lead Convergent Networks into the next phase of growth and expansion.
The company, led by a team of entrepreneurial executives with outstanding track records in the storage and networking worlds, is developing highly differentiated technology to enable the cost effective implementation of scalable, heterogeneous SANs.